Carlotta was born in Italy and was raised in Ethiopia. Her background is a mixture of different cultures: Syria, Italy, Daghestan and Austria. She started her career in the arts as a jewellery designer and then in 1998 transitioned to painting. She started experimenting different techniques and mediums, guided by her feelings and thus, a series of paintings were born.

In 2000 she created her imaginary planet Yatii and in 2010 decided it would be her new name. Stars up close was a series depicting the colourful sky of planet Yatii. Apotropaic Magic a collection of shields was painted when she felt the need for protection from negative energy. In 2011 the portable painting Yatii Talisman was born to bring positive energy to its owner, painted on hand made cotton paper and sun dried in Sicily southern Italy.

Her technique is quite unique she sews sections together with different threads and then paints. This has a spiritual meaning for her representing equilibrium. In 2012 a new chapter began, she started a Yatii Talisman T Shirt brand. In 2013 Star Nucleus series was born, comprising a collection of 30x30cm paintings portraying nuclei of stars to guide and illuminate ones life path. End of 2015 frustrated by the way humans are treating mother earth she decided to create a Nation of Aliens bearing the name of positive mythological goddesses to start invading earth in an attempt to save, protect and enlighten mankind. The first series is composed of 7 queens mostly protectors of children and women. The second series still in the making has 7 larger paintings of goddesses. YaTii is currently working on different projects. She is madly in love with interior design and is working to make contributions in that area as well. Furthermore, the 10th of May 2017 during a private event in Rome she will present her new concept collection the “YaTii TALISMAN BAG” 100% cruelty free.